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2017 Breyer Fun Days!

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free

Castle Toys is hosting our 20th Annual Breyer Fun Days! This amazing event had horse lovers, young and younger, compete in a diorama-creating contest and a mini-model horse show using their favourite Breyer horses!

Besides the friendly competition, all participants received a loot bag of door prizes just for coming out, and winners received awesome Breyer prizes and ribbons. We also had a craft table set up for miniature horse painting throughout the weekend!

We’ve been asked by Breyer to move Fun Days to coincide with the Breyer National Spirit Riding Free Fun Day that occurs June 10th 2017. As such, we won’t be holding our Annual event on April 22nd. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience.

Please bring your completed diorama and model horses with you on June 10th to our event where we will still have our contests. There will be many additional prizes this year as Breyer is sending us a ton of giveaways! Don’t forget to bring your own table and chair(s).

Please join us on June 10th for Spirit Riding Free Model Horse Painting, Colouring Pages, Raffles, posters, and a ton of giveaways and prizes.

Register and see you on Saturday June 10, 2017.

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