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Gifts & Parties FAQ

Our Amazing Services

Castle Toys is a family owned and operated Calgary company. We have supplied children’s party gifts throughout Western Canada since 1983 – That’s more than 30 years! We specialize in providing gifts for Christmas, but also excel at other types of parties and gatherings. The types of gift giving services we provide for include:

  • Christmas parties
  • The Calgary Stampede (and other Western Canadian festivals)
  • Birthdays
  • Outdoor Sporting Events
  • Team Events
  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Church Functions
  • BBQs
  • Corporate Family Fun Days

and any other kind of party!

Castle Toys is committed to providing:

1.  Gifts – Provide the best gifts such that “Every child gets exactly what they didn’t even know they wanted”. Our extensive collection of internationally recognized brand names meet four criteria:

a. Will the child have fun with the toy and will the parent agree in the purpose of the toy?

b. Will the toy break easily?

c. Will the toy enhance the corporate image of the company giving the gift?

d. Will the cost of the toy be competitive with online providers and brick and mortar locations?

2.  Service – We provide excellent service to our party organizers. Our goal is to make the gift giving as easy as possible for party organizers and the family of the children. We’re sure you’ll love our cloth gift bags that help to get the toys home without losing pieces, and are reusable.

3.  Appreciation! – We provide all employees/members of the organization who uses our services a 10% discount all year round! Party organizers receive a 15% discount year round. So even though it may not be the holidays you can still pick up fantastic toys, at a discounted price, when not enjoying a party!



1.  What Does the Party Organizer Do?

a. Decide you want Castle Toys to supply your party gifts.

b. Tell Castle Toys the average amount you want to spend per child.

c. Choose:

i. Whether you want Castle Toys to professionally select the gifts. OR

ii. You select the gifts at a viewing appointment that is booked in advance. Demographics (age/gender; age/gender/name) are required 3 weeks prior to your party date.

d. Notify Castle Toys of your party date.

e. Supply Castle Toys with your demographics 3 weeks prior to your party. We request that you do not supply us your demographics much before your party date as quite often demographics change with little notice.

f. If you have late additions to your guest list, email them to us. We will provide gifts up to a day prior to your party.

2.  What Does Castle Toys Do?

a. Prepare a professional gift selection. OR, if you are selecting the gift, meet with you in advance and help you in the gift selection process.

b. Invoice you for a deposit.

c. Upon receipt of your demographics, process, and ship your order. All gifts come in a cloth gift bag that helps with getting the gifts home in one piece and they are reusable. In addition each gift has an age/gender label or a name/age/gender label.

d. Send you an invoice for final payment.

e. Provide outstanding service throughout the year where party organizers receive 15% discount on all in-store purchases. Employees/members of the party organization receive a 10% discount on all in-store purchases year round.

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