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Melissa & Doug:

Yes, Melissa and Doug are actually real people!

They make toys and other products that offer Countless Ways To Play. Melissa and Doug believe the best playthings are often simple concepts that inspire children to come up with their own twists - the two hope to encourage: Free Play, Creativity, Imagination, Learning, & Discovery!

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Castle Toys: Fall Sale 2019
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2019 Melissa and Doug Sale
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2019 Schleich Photo Contest Winners
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Castle Toys: Playmobil Raffle Giveaway - Second Batch of Winners!

Castle Toys: Playmobil Raffle Giveaway - Second Batch of Winners!

Castle Toys: Playmobil Raffle Giveaway - Second Batch of Winners!

Hello Everyone,

We've drawn the second batch of winners for our Playmobil Raffle Giveaway!

Amanda T. Playmobil - 6651
Gillian T. Playmobil - 6960
Carolyn B. Playmobil - 9285
Caroline B. Playmobil - 9121
Colby T. Playmobil - 9283
CJ W. Playmobil - 9286
Anne M. Playmobil - 9229
Andrea M. Playmobil - 9479
Nash L. Playmobil - 9281
Nadine G. Playmobil - 9123
Sara C. Playmobil - 9133
Nicole P. Playmobil - 9132
Cath D. Playmobil - 9132
Renee F. Playmobil - 9226
Christine F. Playmobil - 9379
Jennifer P. Playmobil - 9379
Cora S. Playmobil - 9276
Lynne C. Playmobil - 9276
Barb D. Playmobil - 9361
Rachel A. Playmobil - 9361
Christine T. Playmobil - 9471
Zoe W. Playmobil - 9472
Jocelyne G. Playmobil - 9364
Teresa W. Playmobil - 9278
Kim A. Playmobil - 9489
Sue M. Playmobil - 9473


We're so happy for the winners - congratulations! 
And, don't worry, we have tons more prizes to give. Good luck!

Please note: prizes are as is and are in-store pick up only, and must be acquired before November 15, 2019. In addition, prizes cannot be exchanged or substituted. Winners must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question before the prize will be awarded. 

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Castle Toys, formerly Teach R Toys, in its 30+ year history, has evolved through several phases. We are currently located in a castle-themed store in South Calgary, near Chinook Centre.

Our newest adventure has been the launch of our online store in June 2015! Almost all of the wide selection of toys we carry in-store are available for purchase online at the same great prices! We offer FREE shipping within Canada on orders over $75, as well as several shipping options to anywhere in North America. It has never been easier to have quality toys and gifts sent to your door!

We hope to see you soon – and don’t forget to bring the children!

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