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Playmobil - 70932 | Asterix: Hut of Vitalstatistix

Product Description
Long live the boss! Abraracourcix is ​​the chief of the village. A majestic, courageous and angry warrior, respected by his men and feared by his enemies. Abraracourcix himself has only one fear, that of the sky falling on his head! He lives in his hut with his wife Bonemine. There is the chef's seat with a ladder, a kitchen area and a knitting area. When he leaves his hut, Abraracourcix is ​​carried on his shield by two carriers. The box contains Chief Abraracourcix and his wife Bonemine, two shield bearers, Abraracourcix's hut with removable roof and chief's seat, as well as a kitchen area, pots, broom, basket, and other household items. Treebraceix can be worn on the shield by both wielders.
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