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Spin Master - 6059093 | Office Space

Product Description
Office Space: A Cult Classic Comedy Adult Party Game. Ok let's get down to business - each player starts with five random Mission Cards and one Swingline Stapler Card. On each card, there’s a unique mission to complete that involves tricking another player into doing something. As soon as they’ve been dealt out, the game has begun. Quietly return to your desks and begin hatching your plans. When you start the game, everyone is going to be very paranoid. You might want to wait until their guard is down before you try and attempt your missions. These include missions such as “Hide this card in the printer and get a player to find it” and “Get a player to correct you on the day of the week”. A couple of Mission Cards include little references to everyone's favorite movie, Office Space. Don't get any funny ideas though – they're worth the same amount of points as the normal missions. If you successfully complete one of your missions, congratulations – that’s one point to you. Put the card aside to keep track of your score. This Mission is now off-limits for the rest of the game. Feel free to get up on your desk and announce to the office that you’re one step closer to victory. Along with your five Mission Cards, you all have a special Swingline Stapler Card. These all have the same mission: Steal the red Stapler. You can attempt this card as many times as you like, even if you get caught red-handed. If you successfully steal the stapler and place it on your desk, the mission is complete and you’re one point closer to victory. The stapler stays on your desk until another player manages to steal it. The first player to successfully complete three of their missions is the winner. 
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