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Schleich Photo Competition 2016

Here are all the photos that were submitted to us! Thanks photographers and Schleich enthusiasts!

A day at the barn

A herd in the water

A light in the night

Arizona sunsets

Big rock landing

Blissful day

Cutty sark ship dalmations

Deep in thought dragon

Dogs at the Bow River

Duart castle bays

Eagle nest

Elephant mother and calf

Elephants in the water

Eye spy baby alligator

Fall in the forest

Fancy foal Tennessee walker foal

Fire vs Water


Giraffe in my backyard

Guarding the Duart Castle sheep

Hey look its a bunny

Hey I see carrots


Hillary visits Spruce Meadows

Img 0667

Img 0711

Img 0713

Img 1825

Img 1841

Img 1850

Img 2254

Img 3371

Img 3373

Img 3374

Img 7643

In the rapids black mustang

Isle of Mull wild ponies

James 1

James 2

James 3

Jem the Holograms

Julie Perry 1

Julie Perry 2

Julie Perry 3

Lippizaner love denai C

Little dogs can do what big dogs do

Long days journey into night

Looking at the mountains

Mailbox surprise

Meet me at the lake

Milk train express

Monkey party

On my way grizzly bear cub

Orca ready for transport

Polar bear in fridge

Rain showers

Rocky road Katie C

Schleich in Banff

Schleich african hunt

Schleich balance

Schleich party

Scottish flower fairy

Seaside traveller Appaloosa



Speed Tortoise

Standoff wolves vs wolverine

Stirling castle meadow fairy

Summer 2016 cell phone 189

Summer 2016 cell phone 193

Summer 2016 cell phone 195

Summer relaxing

Sweet heat

The deep blue blue whale

The fairies have landed

 Snakes by the lake

The starry night

The walking path Katie C


Title dream big golden on ball

Title on duty 2 meerkats

Title roarrrr 2 T-Rex homemade volcano

Trail ride

Unicorn lookout Denai C

Walk in the woods Katie C

Waterfall adventure

Whales in the water table

Wild horse valley


Wolf howl Denai C

Wyoming lavender advent calendar mare 2015

Yellowstone Falls mustang stallion