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Schleich 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Schleich 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Schleich 2020 Photo Contest Winnersers

Hey Adventurers,

We are excited to announce our winners for our Schleich 2020 Photo Contest!
Drum roll please! 

The winners for this year's annual Schleich Photo Contest are:

Winners  Prize
A Day at the Barn by Avery C.
1st Place: "A Day at the Barn" by Avery C.  
Schleich - 42415 | Horse Club: Camper
Silver River Stables by Cady W.
2nd Place: "Silver River Stables" by Cady W.
Schleich - 42458 | Horse Club:  Hannah's Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog
The Petting Zoo by Amara H.
3rd Place: "The Petting Zoo" by Amara H.
Schleich - 42420 | Farm World: Rabbit Hutch
Prehistoric Park by Alexander S.
4th Place: "Prehistoric Park" by Alexander S.
Schleich - 42511 | Eldrador Creatures: Fire Eagle
Ocean Scene by James S.
5th Place: "Ocean Scene" James S.
Schleich - 42451 | Eldrador Creatures: Hellhound

Here are the other amazing entries:


Thank you to all who entered our Schleich photo competition. 
We hope to see you participate in all our upcoming contests and events!  

Please note: all prizes are available for in-store pickup or the winners can pay $10 to have it shipped to them. All prizes must be acquired before July 30, 2020. In addition, prizes cannot be exchanged or substituted.

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