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2019 Schleich Photo Contest Winners

2019 Schleich Photo Contest Winners

2019 Schleich Photo Contest Winners

Hey Adventurers,

The judges have picked winners for our 2019 Schleich Photo Contest!
Drum roll please! 

The winners for this years annual Schleich Photo Contest are:

Winners  Prize
Samantha B. - Practice Makes Perfect
1st Place: "Practice Makes Perfect" by Samantha B.  
First Place Prize - Farm World: Large Red Barn with Animals and AccessoriesFarm World: Large Red Barn with Animals and Accessories
Julianne B. - Competition Day
2nd Place: "Competition Day" by Julianne B.
Second Place Prize - Horse Club: Pick Up With Horse Trailer
Horse Club: Pick Up With Horse Trailer
Oda-Liz M. - Indigenous Community
3rd Place: "Indigenous Community" by Oda-Liz M.
Third Place Prize - Farm World: Saddle Bronc Riding With Cowboy
Farm World: Saddle Bronc Riding With Cowboy
Emeric L. - The Dino Jungle
4th Place: "The Dino Jungle" by Emeric L.
Fourth Place Prize - Justice League: Batman vs Bane
Justice League: Batman vs Bane
Andrea and Katie M.- The King is Born Based on the Lion King
5th Place: "The King is Born" (Based on the Lion King)
by Andrea and Katie M.
Fifth Place Prize - Bayala: Decorated Unicorn Pegasus Foal
Bayala: Decorated Unicorn Pegasus Foal

Here are the other fantastic entries:

Amber S. - Adventure with Sugar CookieAmber S. - Dreams and Dapellia's Mountain ClumbAmber S. - Shakoni in the Mountain LakesAmelia S. - Forest at DawnAmelia S. - Rocky Mountain EdgeAmelia S. - Spring SunriseAndrea and Katie M. - Dragon MigrationAndrea and Katie M.- The Fairy RacesAnwyn M. - Family TimeAnwyn M. - PredatorAnwyn M. - Roar!!Brandy B.  - Checking on The HarvestBrandy B. - Love at First Sight Brandy B. - Spooky KittyBrianna B. - Let It SnowBrianna B. - ReflectionsBrianna B. - The HuntChelsea and Channing S. - Birthday DelightChelsea and Channing S. - Circus RunawaysClara G. - Skate LifeClara G. - SunsetClara G. - Walk on the beachColby C. - Eating With My FriendsColby C.  - Family Time Colby C.  - Listening to My MomCrystal S. p1Crystal S. p2Crystal S. p3Dax R. p1Dax R. p2Dax R. p3Ewan R. p1Ewan R. p2Ewan R. p3Ford P. - Cowgary Stampede - The Greatest Show on EarthFord P. - I'm Almost There GuysFord P. - Party AnimalsGeorgia C.  - Hanging With My Sheeps Georgia C.  - Sunset on The FarmGeorgia C. - Watching Harvest in The FieldIsabella G. - Birthday PicnicIsabella G. - First Snow FunIsabella G. - Unexpected GuestJanette M. - Catch Me If You CanJanette M. - Copy CatJanette M. - Running with the PastJessie M. - Exclusive LoveJessie M. - Fawngi Not FungiJessie M. - You Can't Take Me I'm Free-Spirit Stallion of the CimarronJulianne B. - Riding In The RockiesJulianne B. - Wild & FreeKara M. P. p1Kara M. P. p2Kara M. P. p3Keira B. - Riding in the RockiesKrista M. N. P. - Beauty of the Farm AnimalsKrista M. N. P.- Beauty WorldKrista M. N. P. - Magic World of the AllacornsLarry F. p1Larry F. p2Norma C. p1Norma C. p1Nova G. - Dinosaur BattleNova G.- Land and SeaNova G. - Ocean CreaturesOda-Liz M. - Busy FarmOda-Liz M. - Shepherd with SheepPriya and Shyla N. - The Wild HerdSadie J. - Element of the OceanSadie J. - Sea StarSadie J. - Swimming Shiba Samantha B. - Before The ShowSamantha B. - Friends & FlowersSerena M. p1Serena M. p2Serena M. p3Shayona M. - Dreaming of Spruce MeadowsShayona M. - Reflection at Spruce MeadowsShayona M. - Warrior ClanShyla and Priya N. - Magic GardenShyla N. - The Panda Wishing RiverSophie R. p1Sophie R. p2Stanley S. p1Stanley S. p2Stanley S. p3William U. p1William U. p2William U. p3Rhiannon A. - Fairy garden jungleRhiannon A. - The Boreal herdRhiannon A. - walking on water

Thank you to all who entered our Schleich photo competition. 
We hope to see you participate in all our upcoming contests and events!  

Please note: all prizes are in-store pick up only, and must be acquired before October 13, 2019. In addition, prizes cannot be exchanged or substituted.

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