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Calico Critters July Sale

Calico Critters July Sale

Calico Critters July Sale

Hey Calico Fans,

We are happy to announce this months sale: everything Calico Critters is 25% off! This amazing deal ends on July 21st, 2019.

Calico Critters is a line of miniature animal figures, with homes, furniture and accessories. The animal figures are unique because they are made of a special flocked material that gives them an endearing quality. They were introduced in Japan in 1985 and are distributed worldwide. Calico Critters are sold as families, with Mothers and Fathers, sisters, brothers and babies. The homes and furniture are quite life-like are have incredible detail. The Critters live in the community of Calico Village. All the citizens in Calico Village have hobbies and jobs. The underlying theme is giving, friendship and happiness. Calico Critters are wholesome, never trendy.

We hope to see you soon!

Please note: no returns or exchanges for previously purchased Calico Critters products during this promotion. In addition, this offer cannot be combined with others, and all sales are final.

Calico Critters July Sale

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