Schleich Photo Contest

Schleich Photo Contest Winners and Photos! 

Thank you to all the participants of the Schleich Photo Competition. There are many talented photographers! Click here to see the winners.


Klutz Sticker Craft Event

Klutz Craft Day

Join us for Klutz Craft Day on August 13th! Swing by Castle Toys for a fun day of crafting. We will be making Washi Tape Stickers and colouring custom Galaxy Stickers. This event is free to participate in, plus you’ll be able to enter for a chance to win awesome Klutz craft kits of you own! Click here for more details.

VIP Birthday ClubCastle Toys

If your child is not already enrolled in our VIP Birthday Club, now is the time to join! Castle Toys’ Birthday Club is free to join, and you receive an exclusive 15% off ALL your purchases made throughout the birthday month. Click here to register.

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